John Leary plays an eclectic mix of acoustic Americana, folk, bluegrass, country, and rock music.

Music has been a constant throughout John’s life. Among his earliest memories is hearing his mother play the organ at St. Mary’s in Alexandria. Shortly after starting guitar lessons in fifth grade, John signed up for a school talent show and chose to perform the Beatles’ “Yesterday” for his entire school (K-8). He’s been playing music ever since.

John’s musical journey has been a diverse one. From his high school days at TC Williams, where he played in bands spanning from Go-Go to rock and roll, to his time at the University of South Carolina, where he performed with jam bands focusing on material by the Grateful Dead, John has always embraced a wide range of musical styles. This versatility continued after college, as he played in various bands in and around the DC area, including The Road, which played festivals and venues throughout DC, MD, and VA. Today, John continues to showcase his adaptability as he sings and plays guitar in Alexandria’s own Jones Point.

A sixth-generation Alexandrian, when not playing music John focuses his professional pursuits in the political and public affairs arena.

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