Model L

For sale is a beautiful, reconditioned Steinway Model L grand piano with ivory keys. This piano is in excellent condition and has extraordinary sound. We bought this piano in 2010 for our three sons to take piano lessons. Since they no longer play, and because we have just acquired some new living room furniture, we are hoping to find a home where this extraordinary instrument can be played and enjoyed.

This instrument is a classic example of the Model L and sounds fantastic. Sized to suit the space requirements of a private residence, this model has been extremely popular with pianists who enjoy owning and experiencing the excellence of a Steinway piano in a manageable size. It is also an excellent piano for use in institutional practice rooms and performance venues. The Model L measures 5’10½” in length. Often called a “baby grand” or “living room grand,” these pianos are a favorite of many accomplished pianists.

It has a glossy walnut case and is in great shape. The piano is available to be examined and played by appointment.

When we had the piano appraised in 2010 by a technician/appraiser, we were told that the piano was valued between $25,000 and $30,000 in its current condition. We are offering it for sale for $18,500. (The current price for a new Steinway L with a walnut finish is $104,900.)

The piano is located in the Rosemont neighborhood of Alexandria, VA. We would be happy to recommend a local piano moving company.

If interested, please contact John Leary at or (703) 362-3737.


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